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The MF 7700 S tractor series from Massey Ferguson has been specifically designed to meet to the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business environment and operations, from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses. With a wide choice of power, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options, the MF 7700 S can be adapted to your every demand, offering a wide range of custom-built practical, straightforward and dependable solutions.


Massey Ferguson 7700 S Specifications

7714 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 140 - 165 Dyna-4 110 L/min 687 Nm
7715 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 150 - 175 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 745 Nm
7716 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 160 - 185 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 790 Nm
7718 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 175 - 200 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 840 Nm
7720 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 200 - 225 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 or 150 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 980 Nm
7722 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 215 - 240 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 or 150 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 1050 Nm
7724 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 235 - 260 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 or 150 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 1120 Nm
7726 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 255 - 280 Dyna-6 / Dyna-VT 110 or 150 L/min (190L/min opt. in Dyna-VT) 1146 Nm

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Performance To Tackle Any Task.

The new MF 7700 S is designed for ultimate efficiency and low cost of operation using a range of the latest straightforward and dependable technologies.

Massey Ferguson 7700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Cab and front axle suspension improves driving comfort
while the coloured dashboard offers better visibility throughout the working day and features the Setup & Information Screen (SIS) with ergonomic navigation

• Massey Ferguson SCR “High Efficiency” technology
provides low fuel consumption
• Maintenance free components
• Easy access to daily maintenance
• Increased maintenance intervals (600 hrs for the engine)

Proven Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 powershift transmissions, plus
the Dyna-VT transmission with Engine Power Management
to deliver more power when it is needed most. Perfect engine/transmission combinations provide maximum

Up to five spool valves to the rear and three to the front, including front linkage, and power beyond installation, plus a high lift capacity hitch. The hydraulic system offers the ability to work faster with the widest implements while increasing versatility.

A heavy duty Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) is available as an option and is designed to match the front suspension. Offering up to 4000 kg lift with dedicated front valve control, the
IFLS features two spool valves and a free return line.

MF 7700 S Dyna 4

Dyna-4 Transmission

The dynamic performance and efficient design behind the Dyna-4 transmission continues to impress with incredibly smooth four-speed, powershift change in each of the four ranges, giving you first-rate productivity, every time.
Well-known features include Power Control, ‘pedal-free’ operation, four-speed PowerShift, Speedmatching and Autodrive.
MF 7700 S Dyna 6

Dyna-6 Transmission

The ultimate semi-powershift transmission in the field today, Dyna-6 combines effortless operation with complete efficiency for an extraordinary operator experience.
A 6-speed Dynashift change in each of four gears, giving a tremendous range of powershift flexibility over a wide speed range. Both Dynashift and range changes are made under load, without the need to use the clutch pedal.
MF 6700 S DVT

Dyna-VT Transmission

The continuously-variable Dyna-VT is a proven and refined transmission delivering seamless strength hour after hour. It’s intuitive to the operator, the easiest of transmissions to understand and get the most from, and new operators will quickly settle into feeling at one with the machine. Combined with Electronic Power Management, Dyna-VT allows you to get the optimum performance, efficiency and economy from your tractor.

Heavy Duty Rear Linkage

The upgraded rear linkage now offers lift capacity up to 9950kg. Rear couplers are equipped with an hydraulic decompression system for easy uncoupling of implements and a total of up to five spool valves are available.

Auxiliary Spool Valves

Between two and four electro-hydraulic valves are fitted as standard and up to five rear spool valves may be available if required. The Fingertip Spool Valve Management System enables complex equipment to be controlled with ease and precision.

Power Take Off

A wide choice of PTO options are available with standard PTO speeds at 2,000 rpm, where maximum power is achieved. With the benefit of a ‘constant power’ band of up to 1500 rpm and the ability to precisely select any ground speed at the chosen engine speed, you can always achieve a perfect match of PTO speed, forward speed and power – with optimum economy.

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