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Fendt 300 G4 Vario

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The Fendt 300 has been a unique success story since 1980, with 140,000 tractors sold. The new Fendt 300 G4 series is perfect for most farms in terms of performance, quality, versatility and outstanding residual value. The 4th generation Vario features the all new FendtONE driver’s workstation, as well as the high-end model 314 G4 with 152 HP max. output. Again, this makes the Fendt 300 G4 Vario a pioneer among compact standard tractors.

Fendt 300 G4 Vario Specifications

311 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power 100 - 113 Fendt Vario ML 75 84 or 110 L/min 497 Nm
312 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power 113 - 123 Fendt Vario ML 75 84 or 110 L/min 536 Nm
313 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power 123 - 133 Fendt Vario ML 75 84 or 110 L/min 571 Nm
314 4 Cylinder, AGCO Power 142 - 152 Fendt Vario ML 75 84 or 110 L/min 608 - 650 Nm

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Designed For Hard Work

Those who invest in a Fendt tractor, also invest in the future. The Fendt 300 Vario lays the foundation for efficient, cutting edge tractor technology, resulting in higher performance at low engine speeds. This means less wear on all components and reduced diesel usage. All thanks to the proven Fendt quality.

Three front linkage configurations for preision adjustment and perfect traction.

FendtONE driver’s workstation:

All the control units are centralised on the dashboard & armrest concept with multifunction joystick. Customise the entire workstation with freely assignable buttons. Option to upgrade to fully integrated 12″ terminals on the arm rest & in the roof liner.

A wonder of visibility and space, with a 77° uninterrupted panorama windscreen with no cross bar. Perfect view, even at night, with crossover lighting.

Fendt DynamicPerformance: Smart added power concept:

For greater area coverage and higher productivity. Extra power boost on the 314 G4 at any speed.

The tractor management system (TMS) controls the engine and transmission so that they are always effortlessly working at their best – resulting in big time savings, and even bigger fuel savings!


A Workplace That Feels Like Home

6 equipment variants available through the Power, Profi & Profi+ ranges. Compared to the previous series, the 300 G4 boasts a total of 24 innovations. 13 of these are packed into the standard configuration Power variant.

Light, Agile, Stepless Gliding At Just 33kg/HP

Extensive tyre options and the low weight-power ration of the Fendt 300 G4 Vario are gentle on your soil. At just 5010kg or 33kg/HP, the Fendt 314 G4 is a real lightweight.

High Ground Clearance For Crop Protection

Plant protection and fertilistation in late growth stages increase yield. The Fendt 300 G4 Vario offers a high ground clearance of up to 500mm and makes light work of special crops.

Superior Driving & Comfort

The smart 3-in-1 system of self-levelling front suspension, cab suspension, and active shock load stabilising, guarantees maximum ride comfort.

What A Drive! - On Field & On Paper

The smart power-boost concept Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) on the Fendt 314 Vario releases up to 10 hp more power on demand. This is regulated depending on the operating conditions at any speed. You can also benefit from PTO power either at a standstill, for soil cultivation or during transport. The benefit is a lightweight tractor with more power and less fuel consumption per hectare.

Infotainment Bundle With 4.1 Sound System

Four high-end speakers and a subwoofer deliver superior sound quality in the VisioPlus cab. Enjoy playback from your smartphone via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. FM/AM/DAB+/HD and two antennas with permanent channel search also ensure uninterrupted radio reception. Make phone calls in your Fendt 300 Vario with a fantastic quality hands-free kit. Eight microphones installed in the roof liner mean your hands are free and the acoustics are perfect. Use the Varioterminal options and the side control dial.

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