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Because performance comes in all sizes, the new Fendt 200S G3 Vario tractor is equipped with everything you need for fantastic results. Compact dimensions and an airy, spacious cabin not only make it incredibly comfortable, but also the perfect partner for all conditions. Performance and incredible versatility over 3 equipment versions give you the power to achieve great things. Your workplace, your rules – with the Fendt 200S G3, you can experience intuitive operation in a completely new way. Above all, you can expect one thing – A workplace that feels like home!


Model Drive Engine Max HP Transmission Weight
207 Vario FWA 3 cyl. AGCO POWER 72 - 79 Stepless Vario 4100 kg
208 Vario FWA 3 cyl. AGCO POWER 82 - 84 Stepless Vario 4140 kg
209 Vario FWA 3 cyl. AGCO POWER 91 - 94 Stepless Vario 4220 kg
210 Vario FWA 3 cyl. AGCO POWER 99 - 104 Stepless Vario 4220 kg
211 Vario FWA 3 cyl. AGCO POWER 114 - 124 Stepless Vario 4280 kg

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A Fendt 200S G3 Vario is characterised by its thoughtful design down to the last detail.

Here you can see our special Fendt solutions – our Fendt Spotlights – that make the difference and simply make your work better every day:

  • FendtONE – seamlessly connecting machine and office
  • Comfort cab with 100° panoramic view
  • Fendt Guide lane guidance for unrivalled productivity
  • Front power lift with load-relief control for perfect implement control and traction
  • FendtONE driver’s workstation: intuitive control with 10″ dashboard and console
  • Three equipment options: Power, Profi and Profi+
  • Fendt DynamicPerformance: smart power boost concept
  • Vario added power: save up to 7% on time and up to 9% on diesel
  • Front axle suspension with anti-roll control for up to 7% more area coverage
  • Low centre of gravity and extremely safe on slope

Front power lift with load-relief control for perfect implement control and traction

The Comfort front power lift ensures the best feed quality thanks to the constant working height. The weight transfer from the mower or packer to the front axle brings more traction and keeps on track better on the slope.

Optional front axle suspension with anti-roll control for up to 7% more area coverage – comfortable and safe.

Anti-roll control guarantees a high degree of stability and operating safety, especially when working with heavy implements on slopes.

Fendt DynamicPerformance: smart power boost concept. For greater area coverage and higher productivity. Extra power boost of up to 10 hp on the 211 Vario at any speed.

Perfect modularity with Power, Profi and Profi+

You can tailor the Fendt 200 Vario perfectly to your particular needs.

All controls in one place, console with 2-way multifunction joystick. Customise the entire workstation with freely assignable buttons. Optional extras include a fully integrated 12″ terminal.



Equipment Variants

Available in Power, Profi, Profi+ variants, with 2 different setting in each - gives you 6 different options with a range of settings.

Slender Design

The wasp-waist design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability and a 52° steering angle (depending on tyres). Its low vehicle weight, starting at 4.1 T, guarantees that soil compaction is minimized during operation.

Air Conditioning

A sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning concept provides excellent air flow via the steering tower and the cab roof. There are 8 outlets to distribute the air just where you want it in the cab. You can also open the front window.

Superior Driving & Working Comfort

The smart 3-in1 system guarantees maximum ride comfort and ease of use through the self levelling, lockable front suspension, mechanical cab suspension and active shock load stabilising. This gives the front axle an even load, constant ground contact and the steering control is maintained.

Perfectly Adjustable Work Place

For the best sitting position, the steering wheel and cockpit must be at the right height & tilt angle. Both are quick and easy to finely adjust by foot pedal. Benefits include optimum visibility and no glare, and it quickly folds away for easy entry and exit

Fendt 200S G3 Vario on Test

"Until recently, the 200 Vario models were known as simple tractors which left the more complex jobs to their high-horsepower siblings. This has now changed. The new armrest and FendtONE transform the 200 models into intelligent machines and give them nearly all the same specs of the high-capacity machines".



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