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Solving tomorrow’s challenges today – the new Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario is your partner for excellent results, now and in the future. Equipped with functions and software that simplify and digitise your work – so your company can continue to harvest the fruits of success in the future. Experience a tractor that loves to navigate around your crops. Our Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario is a specialist in demanding tasks, a fully flexible professional and at home in vineyards, orchards and other specialist crops.


Fendt 200 G3 V/F/P Specifications

207 V/P/F 3 Cylinder, AGCO Power 72 - 79 Fendt Vario 75 or 119 L/min 328 Nm
208 V/P/F 3 Cylinder, AGCO Power 82 - 84 Fendt Vario 75 or 119 L/min 348 Nm
209 V/P/F 3 Cylinder, AGCO Power 91 - 94 Fendt Vario 75 or 119 L/min 389 Nm
210 V/P/F 3 Cylinder, AGCO Power 99 - 104 Fendt Vario 75 or 119 L/min 428 Nm
211 V/P/F 3 Cylinder, AGCO Power 114 - 124 Fendt Vario 75 or 119 L/min 508 Nm

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The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario – the right partner for any job.

  • Fendt 200 V Vario (pictured right): The classic narrow track tractor. High tech from an external width of 1.07 m. Optionally with wide front axle for better manoeuvrability.
  • Fendt 200 F Vario: From an external width of 1.32 m, the Fendt 200 F Vario already offers the comfort of the 14 cm wider cab and the wider, raised front windscreen.
  • Fendt 200 P Vario: The specialist tractor with wider axles and higher lift capacities from 1.59 m

Optional Cat. 4 filter protection on the cab. Cab air filter system that protects from dust, liquid pesticides and vapours.

The cleverly designed hydraulics system offers up to 7 control valves, 2 control circuits, independently adjustable flow rates, Power Beyond, a priority function and free assignment, and flow capacity up to 119 L/min.

Ingenious technology – with the optional 12″ touchscreen, optional camera function, and documentation, as well as the FendtTI headland management system, the future starts here.

Fendt DynamicPerformance smart power boost concept: For greater area coverage and higher productivity. Extra power boost of up to 10 HP on the 211 V/F/P Vario at any speed.
Optional front axle suspension with anti-roll control, for up to 7% more area coverage, comfort & safety: Anti-roll control guarantees a high degree of stability and operating safety, especially when working with heavy implements on slopes.
Optional upward facing exhaust. Standard configuration includes a downward facing exhaust.
Fendt 200 F-04

Perfectly Adjustable Workplace

For the best sitting position, the steering wheel & cockpit must be at the right height and tilt angle. Both are quick & easy to finely adjust by foot pedal. This leads to excellent visibility and no glare - quickly folds away for easy entry/exit.

Optional Cat, 4 Filter Protection System

In it's basic configuration, the cab meets all cat. 2 cab standards. However, the filter system can be upgraded to cat. 4 - with protection against dust, liquid, fertlisers & their vapours. The Fendt 200 G3 V/F/P meets all the requirements for driver safety. Once work is complete, the filter system can be easily converted back to cat. 2 via the terminal.

Climate Control

The sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning concept provides excellent air flow via the steering tower and the cab roof. There are 8 outlets to distribute the air just where you want it.
Fendt 200 F-03

Innovation & Perfect Modularity

Compared to the previous model, the Fendt 200 G3 V/F/P boasts a total of 33 innovations. 21 of these are packed into the base model "Power". The "Profi" version offers 9 additional innovations, and the "Profi+" links the vehicle with the office via a range of options in terms of telemetry, machine control & agonomy.
Fendt 200 F-05

All New Multifuction Joystick

When they developed the new control concept, Fendt focused on intuitive operation, as well as ergonomics. The new joystick has a total of 18 keys, 13 of which are freely assignable by the operator - making it easier to operate different implements without having to re-position yourself.

Optional Reverse Fan

The optional reverse fan quickly and easily cleans the cooler without any downtime, to make your work more efficient. With manual control, as well as timer settings.

Fendt 211P tractor

The things I love about our Fendt tractors is the Vario transmission, the comfortable cab, the automated controls and the fact that they're a great fuel saver.

Dean Dinicola, Mandolé Orchard​

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