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Agrimaster RMU

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All-purpose shredders, able to meet all types of work needs, from open fields to clearing undergrowth, with considerable working capacity. They can be used equally efficiently for grass, straw, maize, beets, tobacco, potato leaves, cotton and wood.

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2018 Agrimaster RMU 2850 Mulcher

  • 2.8m Working Width
  • 540/1000 rpm PTO
  • PTO shaft included
  • Combined universal blades (“Y” blades with straight centre blade)
  • Side drive
  • 5 belts
  • 175 HP Gearbox with free wheel

Agrimaster RMU Specifications

Model Working Width Gearbox Horsepower Requirement
RMU 2850 2.8m 540/1000 rpm PTO Minimum 65

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Agrimaster RMU Highlights:

Agrimaster RMU Serafin Mulcher stockist dealer

Large heavy duty roller & fully opening rear hood

Auto spring tensioner, 5 ‘V’ belt drive and side skids

Optional Rear Wheels

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