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The Versatile DeltaTrack is a fully integrated purpose-built four track system from Versatile. Available in two models 520DT and 620DT, the DeltaTrack exceeds the performance and durability of existing track systems. The track systems uses the proven Versatile outboard planetary system to maximize power to the ground. Four independent tracks maintain balance and provide constant contact with the ground. The DeltaTrack is built using the most advanced track design in the agriculture industry and features proven Cummins engine technology, rugged CAT® powershift transmissions, and legendary Versatile reliability and serviceability


Versatile DeltaTrack Specifications

520 DT Cummins QSX 15L 520 35% Caterpillar TA22 Powershift
16 F x 4 R (40kph)
620 DT Cummins QSX 15L 620 35% Caterpillar TA22 Powershift
16 F x 4 R (40kph)

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The Versatile DeltaTrack was designed to exceed the performance of existing agricultural track machines. Combining a powerful 15-litre Cummins engine and a smooth shifting 16 x 4 CAT powershift transmission, the DeltaTrack’s powertrain outperforms the competition. Designed as a fully integrated track machine the DeltaTrack is the most advanced 4 track tractor on the market today.

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The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduced wear, friction and heat. Track slippage is eliminated by interlocking track lugs into the drive wheel. The DeltaTrack keeps 6.5 lugs engaged with the drive wheel at all times to eliminate slippage between the track and drive wheel. The DeltaTrack uses the largest drive lugs in the industry 8-1/2″ (215.9mm) to maximize operating life.

Autosteer Ready – GPS technology saves time, fuel, and money when mated with an auto-steer system that prevents overlap and maintains the field heading. Versatile is pleased to offer an optional factory-installed auto-steer-ready kit that is compatible with most auto-steer packages on the market. You can incorporate the auto-steer kit that is best suited to your agriculture operation.

Versatile tractors are designed to maintain a comfortable working environment for extended periods of time. By creating an integrated right hand control console with the powershift transmission, Versatile puts command of the tractor at your fingertips.

Refueling can easily be accomplished from either side of the tractor. A crossover tube allows both tanks to be filled quickly and with a capacity of 1800 L you’ll have many hours in the field before stopping for fuel.

Electro-hydraulics, available on all models, are ergonomically designed for both comfort and convenience. Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow is increased and decreased using the EHR monitor. A total hydraulic flow of 208 L/min is standard, or 401 L/min with the optional high flow hydraulic system. Four remote valves are standard, six optional.

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smooth and efficient

The DeltaTrack uses the heavy-duty CAT® TA22 powershift transmission. 16 forward and four reverse gears shift seamlessly under load to create a more comfortable operating environment. A large selection of working gears is available to match almost any application. The TA22 is fully programmable for autoshift and speed matching. Capable of road speeds up 40 kph, the DeltaTrack moves between fields efficiently.
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The new Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured cab that provides the operator with every imaginable comfort for long working days. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat and the training seat are both standard in this configuration. In addition to the connectivity options available in the standard cab, the Deluxe Cab has an 110v AC power outlet and a 5-volt integrated USB port. A subwoofer is also standard to improve sound quality in the cab.
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Daily maintenance is made easy with improved access to all fill and grease points. The hydraulic and fuel sight gauges are visible from the ground without opening side panels or removing any shields. The gullwing-style side panels open wide to provide excellent service access to all under-hood components.

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