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Silvan Trailed Supaflo 2000L

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The Australian owned & manufactured Silvan Trailed air assist Supaflo 2000 litre sprayer with 161L/min diaphragm pump, electric controls, a Glideflex axle upgrade, wide angle shaft and a 900mm fan. Ideal for vineyards and orchards.

Silvan Trailed Supaflo 2000L Specifications

Supaflo 2000L IDS1701: 161 L/min 900mm Axial Flow with 8 nozzles each side Electric section valves, master valve, electric pressure regulator & in-cab controls 2 Speed with neutral, oil-bath type Minimum 60 PTO HP
Powerhead fan or Radak optional Option: Bravo 180S Automatic Rate Controller

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Silvan Trailed Supaflo 2000L Features:

Silvan Trailed Supaflo 2000 Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

900mm Axial flow fan, 10 bladed fan with curved nylon reinforced blades, air straightening vanes and protective mesh cover.

Silvan oil-backed diaphragm pump – 161L/min capacity.

Flip-over type nozzles for dilute/concentrate spraying. Ceramic jets, stainless steel swirl plates, 8 nozzles per side, twist on/off.

Polytuff impact resistant polyethylene tank, calibrated sight line, easy open lid, 40mm drain valve and in-built 15L fresh water tank.

Glideflex suspension axle, 2 x 15″ tubeless tyres on galvanised rims.

Galvanised steel frame with jockey wheel and adjustable drawbar.

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