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Silvan 5/8/12/13/15L Sprayers

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The Silvan “Essentials” range of portable sprayers have been specifically designed for general weed management, insect and pest control around the garden, home, or small property.


WP8 8 L Poly Tank which is corrosion resistant. Large filling neck with non-spill filling lid. Spray gun with lance & adjustable nozzle with lockable on/off feature. Nitrile equipped seal suitable for on farm/ domestic agricultural chemicals
TR13-1 13 L Viton equipped professional quality pressure sprayer for accurate application of herbicide, pesticide, fertiliser, degreaser & cleaning products. Adjustable length lance and robust wheels for easy carting.
KN15D-2 15 L Designed for accurate application of chemicals using either the adjustable nozzle that produces a fine mist to a course pencil stream and by using the flat fan nozzle you can achieve more precise spraying performance. This sprayer is also suitable for disinfecting with non-acidic or unchlorinated products.
190548 5 L Prograde hand sprayer is robust in construction for extended life and easy to see volume in the tank. It has an efficient pump and large handle or easy operation and servicing
190549 8 L Designed for accurate application of chemicals and supplied standard with four different nozzles, the Silvan ProGrade 8 Litre Sprayer is ideal for applying herbicide, pesticide, fertiliser, disinfectant and degreaser for home garden or smaller spray application needs.
190712 8 L Rechargeable - The ProGrade range of sprayers are designed for accurate application of chemicals using the adjustable nozzles for spraying from a fine mist to a coarse stream. All are equipped with premium Viton® seals for maximum chemical resistance.
WP12-1 12L Rechargeable - Ideal for weed control around the house or the property, fenceline spraying, nurseries, parks, and gardens as well as for accurate application of chemicals.
TR13-B 13L Rechargeable - is an effortless way of spraying, ideal to use around the garden, spraying herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers inside or outside the home. Adjustable nozzle and Telescopic spray lance.


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