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The Nobili RMS series mulchers are a heavy duty, robust machine ideal for mulching on wide areas.

The RMS series is suitable for all broadacre stubble including rice, cotton, wheat and corn as well as pasture mulching applications.


Nobili RMS Specifications

Model Working Width Gearbox Rotor Transmission Weight
RMS 560 5.6m Heavy duty, Oil-bath 1714 180 - 350 3400 kg
RMS 610 6.1m Heavy duty, Oil-bath 2040 200 - 350 3650 kg

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Multi-purpose & sturdy mulchers

RMS 560 and 610 are ideal to shred straw, cornstalks, sorghum, sunflowers stubbles, rice straw, cotton, and for set aside maintenance as well.

Tractor mounted mulchers that fit to the three point linkage of the hydraulic lift of the tractor. The rotors with 8 helical rows is equipped with moving and interchangeable knives and with over dimensioned self-aligning roller bearings. These are provided with peculiar devices to avoid the entering of dust and impurity.

Interchangable knives

Self-aligning roller bearings

Three point linkage to the hydraulic lift of the tractor. 

01-BNU-BNG-RM-NK-RM-P 0071


Wood, grass.

Y with Straight

Wood, grass, brushes, fine cutting.

Steel Hammer

Flat finish grass

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