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The Nobili BK series mulcher is a heavy duty multi-purpose machine, fitted with maintenance free bearings. The BK is fitted with an opening tailboard and a mulching bar is fitted to produce a fine mulch. Suitable for mulching grass, stubble, pasture topping, vegetable topping, regrowth, and green prunings up to 90mm in diameter.

Nobili BK Specifications

BK 230 2301 mm 70 - 125 540 PTO: 2083 High profile, opening tail board 950 kg
BK 280 2792 mm 90 - 160 540 PTO: 1840, 1000 PTO: 1954 High profile, opening tail board 1100 kg
BK 320 3205 mm 110 - 175 1000 PTO: 1758 High profile, opening tail board 1410 kg

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Nobili BK Highlights:

Nobili BK Mulcher Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

High profile body, opening tailboard, one mulching bar.

Cat. II three point linkage attachment. 2 position fixed headstock (excluding BK 230), floating top link.

Height adjustable skids (BK 230, BK 280), Rear wheels (BK 320)

Heavy duty oil-bath gearbox with over-run clutch.

Taper locked pulleys & electronically balanced rotor. Maintenance free bearings.

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