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The MU-H Vario is a robust, universally usable mulcher for tractors and special carrier vehicles up to a tractor power of 90 HP, made of high-quality QSt/E steel with side shift for front or rear mounting Cat. I + II. In its class, the MU-H Vario, equipped with the double spiral rotor and “M” hammer flails or “M” shackle flails and combined with the “Shark fin” short shredding bar, is the ideal implement for everyday use in a variety of mowing and mulching work in agriculture and the maintenance of green areas. Optional equipment, including hydraulic drive variants, enhances this mulcher’s diverse ranges of application.

Muthing MU-L Specifications

MU-L 180 180 cm 197 cm 540 rpm: 100 / 1000 rpm: 120 530 kg 16
MU-L 200 200 cm 217 cm 540 rpm: 100 / 1000 rpm: 120 570 kg 16
MU-L 220 220 cm 237 cm 540 rpm: 100 / 1000 rpm: 120 610 kg 18
MU-L 250 250 cm 267 cm 540 rpm: 100 / 1000 rpm: 120 670 kg 22
MU-L 280 280 cm 297 cm 1000 rpm: 120 790 kg 24

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Muthing MU-L Highlights:

Muthing MU-L Mulcher Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Manufactured from High Quality QSt/E Steel with multi position Headstock.
Cat. I + II for Front or Rear mounting with mechanical side shift

Gearbox with integrated over run clutch and through drive for 540 / 1000 rpm

Purposely designed hood in conjunction with high rotor and cutting speeds
and removable shredding bar spreads the shredded material evenly behind
the roller giving an excellent Mulching and Patented removable shredding bar
– System: “Shark Fin”

Roller with internal bearings System “Starinth” and well rounded edges to preserve the soil and turf and to carry the flail, adjustable to different heights; Wearing skids, High tempered spring steel one way protection flaps in front

Spiral Rotor with specially formed flail lugs to protect against damage from obstacles and internal bearings protecting against dirt, wear and tear

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