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Massey Ferguson 8700 S

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The new MF 8700 S Series is aimed at customers looking for a new touch of high horsepower and precision tractor, with inspired design and optimised efficiency. With its powerful new styling, its designed to captivate you from the start. Innovative design and features have been injected to improve power, comfort, usability, efficiency and reliability,

Massey Ferguson 8700 S Specifications

8730 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 295 - 325 Dyna-VT (Continuously Variable) 205 L/min 1300 Nm
8732 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 320 - 350 Dyna-VT (Continuously Variable) 205 L/min 1390 Nm
8735 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 350 - 380 Dyna-VT (Continuously Variable) 205 L/min 1530 Nm
8737 S 6 Cylinder, AGCO Power 370 - 400 Dyna-VT (Continuously Variable) 205 L/min 1540 Nm

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Live the MF 8700 S Experience To The Fullest

Built to last, the MF 8700 S Series can tackle the toughest terrain and farm the largest areas of land for longer with low running costs and superb reliability. The MF 8700 S Series is an accumulation of power, strength and superior engineering.

Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Ergonomic and easy to use controls. New optional working light package with 18 LED lights extends the working day into night.

The most powerful tractors ever made by Massey Ferguson, designed for the
ultimate in output, with low running costs. CYCLAIR system designed to match the prodigious power output produced by industry
leading 8.4 litre AGCO Power engines

Dyna-VT transmission with Engine Power Management to deliver more power when it is needed most.
Perfect engine/transmission combination provide
maximum outputs

2.15 metre rear wheel diameter for better traction, reduced soil compaction giving the maximised performance to the ground,  putting more lugs in contact with the soil, creating ‘mini tracks’ that lengthen the footprint by 26%, distribute
the weight more effectively and improve traction
by up to 28%

Superb rear linkage with extreme 12,000 kg lift capacity. Up to 6 spool valves on the rear, and 2 in the front. Power beyond installation for the more complex implements

Datatronic 5, 9’’ touch screen terminal created to provide a more intuitive and precise farming experience

Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Quadlink Front Suspension

Standard on all MF 8700 S Series tractors, QuadLink front suspension provides a smooth ride, improved traction, excellent ground clearance, and tight turning angles, even on tractors with large tyres.
Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith


The 6 cylinder, Tier 2 AGCO POWER engine is fitted to the MF 8700 S Series. These engines are industry renowned for their durability, power and torque characteristics and low fuel consumption.
Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Multi-Function Joystick

The Command Control armrest and optional Multi-Function joystick are part of the package that makes these tractors so easy to control with precision. A multitude of functions can be controlled in the palm of your hand.
Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Hydraulic Capability

Standard specification comprises four electrohydraulic spool valves, with up to eight available if required. Fingertip spool management allows complex equipment to be precisely and easily controlled. There are separate spools for the operation of the front linkage and front scouplers.
Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Efficient Cab

You'll always find the necessities in a Massey Ferguson cab, but they always strive to push operator control and comfort to the next level. The Efficient cab is dedicated to the more intense, large scale operator, looking for more advanced features that will ensure cost effective benefits for their business.
Massey Ferguson 8700 S Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Datatronic 5

The new Datatronic 5 features a larger 9 inch touch screen. It is easy to use - similar to the latest generation smart phones and tablets. The Datatronic 5 is key to making agriculture more profitable and sustainable for the new generation of farmers.

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