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Saritor 62 Active

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Hardi Saritor 62 Active

The infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission now combines a 6200 litre capacity main tank with ActivAir fast nozzl control and wide aluminium or steel booms, to put this sprayer in a class of its own!The cab is generous and uncluttered with ample room and exceptional all-round visibility. Fixed track width from 3 to 3.5m provides a large stable platform for boom stability. Four ride-level air bag suspension elements and hydraulic shock absorbers deliver smooth performance and exceptional operator comfort. Crop clearance is 1.45m POMMIER’S aluminium TR5 and B3 Mega booms are just half the weight of equivalent steel structures, which significantly reduces inertia forces created on headlands while cornering and spraying. TR5 in widths from 36.5 to 42.5m or B3 Mega 48.5 m combined with AutoTerrain boom height and stability control, delivers outstanding spraying characterisitcs.

Hardi Saritor 62 Active Specifications

Tank 6200
Engine Cummins QSB 6.7L (300 HP)
Booms POMMIER TR5 36.5, 38.5, 40.5, 42.5m TERRA FORCE 36, 38, 40, 42m B3 Mega 48.5m
Pump HARDI / Ace 650l/min run-dry centrifugal
Track Width 3 - 3.5M
Suspension OverRide Airbag + hydraulic
Steering 2 Wheel Steer

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The 62 Active difference

The SARITOR 62 Active is no everyday
sprayer. Here is what makes it stand out from the rest ActivAir is a rapid nozzle on/off control system, that utilises the SARITOR’s on-board air supply to instantaneously open and close
the non-drip nozzles during spraying, which also enables pressure-based priming of the spray line.
POMMIER TR5 36.5 to 42.5m and
B3 Mega 48.5m booms delivers incredible performance through design and construction techniques using purpose made tube profiles.    DANFOSS H1 TRANSMISSION and bent axis wheel motors delivers performance with reduced fuel consumption. 

Hardi Saritor 62 Active Serafin Ag Pro NSW Riverina Stockist

The 6200 litre baffled stainless steel tank is integrated into the SARITOR chassis and is designed for capacity spraying. Baffles not only enhance the integrity of the tank structure but improve the handling and directional stability of the sprayer. Suppressing the magnitudes of fluid slosh by controlling its flow and movement improves braking performance and yaw stability, making spraying comfortable and safe.

HARDI AutoTerrain centre meets the growing demand for bigger wider boom structures.
It delivers wide boom performance beyond the expectations of most operators.
Combining the proven HARDI AutoTerrain boom height and stability control system with POMMIER’s patented yaw dampening puts this centre in a class of its own.

AutoHeight provides stress-free boom height control as it maintains the correct nozzle operating height, delivers better application and reduces spray drift. AutoHeight uses ultrasonic sensors fitted to the boom centre and wings to control and maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop.

When it comes to wide boom innovation and design POMMIER is the market leader. Their 30 years of experience provides real benefits for farmers considering a lighter, stronger and wider boom option. The RA bi-fold 36.5 to 48.5 booms are well proven in field performance and reliability, and the weight reduction benefits over steel cannot be underestimated.

SARITOR is powered by Cummins – the most advanced engine technology to deliver power and reliability when you need it. Cummins engines run quieter, burn leaner and cleaner, and they are the industry leader in providing power to hydrostatic transmissions. The Cummins QSB 6.7L engine delivers up to 300 hp.

TOPCON X35 can be used to display up to five precision farming functions simultaneously in a range of layouts and user interfaces. No other terminal currently offers this versatility! It is also one of the first to feature a capacitive touch screen. The touch-film is protected beneath the glass pane, making the technology ideal for tough, everyday usage.

Hardi Saritor 62 Active Serafin Ag Pro Hardi Dealer Griffith NSW Australia

OnRate Control

Modern precision farming practices require a powerful pre-emptive pressure based application control system. OnRate allows you to retain the target rate through changing spraying speeds, with variable rate application and auto boom section control systems active at the same time. OnRate monitors the pressure, pump speed and flow input. Using advanced algorithms, the pump speed is varied to deliver the system pressure required to achieve the desired application rate. OnRate holds the target rate whether sections are switched on or off, changing speed, changing rate or turning in or out of headlands. The fluid system is driven by a high performance, variable speed 650 l/m wet seal run-dry centrifugal pump.
Hardi Saritor 62 Active Serafin Ag Pro NSW Riverina Stockist

Active Air

ActivAir is a rapid nozzle on/off control system, that utilises the SARITOR's on-board air supply to instantaneously open and close the non-drip nozzles during spraying, which also enables pressure based priming of the spray line. ActivAir’s rapid nozzle control is fast and accurate, making it ideal for AutoSection control systems. The spray lines are divided into sections to ensure minimal overspray when AutoSection control is in operation.
Hardi Saritor 62 Active Serafin Ag Pro NSW Riverina Stockist

Cummins Power

Designed for intelligent self-propelled sprayer drive management, the Sauer- Danfoss transmission delivers a new level of performance with reduced fuel consumption and high operator comfort. Powered by a Cummins 300hp engine, the Saritor is capable of 50kph. Sauer-Danfoss H1 transmission with H1 bent axis wheel motors offer significant overall efficiency which maximises available engine power. Enhancing performance, improving fuel economy & providing power savings.



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