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2017 Hardi Rubicon

6500L 36.5M


*Price includes GST


  • 36.5m POMMIER RA aluminium front mounted boom – Pentabuse bodies (5 nozzle supplied), Norac 5 sensor auto height control
  • 6500 Litre stainless steel tank and 630 litre rinse tank, ARAG fast fill pump
  • 650L/m Wetseal run-dry centrifugal pump, ActivAir nozzle control, inline filters, MINIDRIFT nozzles
  • 370hp Cummins engine Tier 3A, 1000 Litre Diesel fuel tank
  • Sauer H1 Bent Axis transmission (250cc), 3 to 4m hydraulic track adjustable axle
  • TOPCON X35 controller with AutoSection, Rinse and flush from ground and cab
  • Electronic tank gauge transducer, Remote elctronic fluid control, incl. tank gauge
  • Electronic pressure transducer, External pressure gauge
  • Reverse & underneath camera in screen, OverRide independent air bag suspension
  • 480/70R54 tyres, Front disc brakes in hub
  • Mudguards mounted with ASC wheel track spray nozzles, Air solenoid end nozzles
  • Alemlube Auto Greasing, Under boom and Machine lights, Spraying light bars
  • 60 litre chemical mixer with direct chemical suction
  • Remote tank drain and pressure empty, 14 Boom section distribution
  • Air-ride adjustable seat, climate control
  • Seat Covers, Toolbox

*Price includes GST

Rubicon 6500L 36.5m $545,000 AUD*
Item Condition Excellent
Colour Red/Grey
Axle Width 3-4mtr hydraulic track width
Brakes Disc brakes
Capacity 6500L
Steering Type 2 wheel steer
Turning Circle 10.2mtr
Warranty 12 months
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Hardi Rubicon

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The RUBICON establishes a new class in self-propelled sprayers, designed to meet the productivity demands of large scale Australian farmers. The seamless integration of capacity and width delivers acre eating performance to conquer everyday spraying tasks with ease and ahead of time. Likewise by increasing the boom width you improve the work rate, which is what matters most when timing is all important. A 48.5 m boom width represents a 35% increase in work rate over a comparable 36 m boom. RUBICON with a 48.5 m boom at 35 km/hr can deliver a work rate of 170 ha/hr. Keeping the nozzles at the correct height above the target, across the full width of the boom in all operating conditions, present little effort for RUBICON, but is vitally important for good application and performance. The boom suspension, auto height and stability control systems allow you to lower the boom while protecting it from ground contact. Lowering the boom reduces spray drift and delivers better application, which gives peace of mind, especially at higher spraying speeds


Hardi Rubicon Specifications

Tank 6500 9000
Engine Cummins 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A (330 HP) Cummins 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A (370 HP)
Booms 36.5 or 48.5M Pommier 36.5 or 48.5M Pommier
Pump HARDI / Ace 650 l/min run-dry centrifugal HARDI / Ace 650 l/min run-dry centrifugal
Track Width 3 - 4M Hydraulic Adjustment 3 - 4M Hydraulic Adjustment
Suspension OverRide Airbag + Hydraulic OverRide Airbag + Hydraulic

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Don’t Compromise On The Most Important Piece Of Farm Machinery

RUBICON has the power and torque to effortlessly carry up to 9000 litres and a 48.5m boom around the paddock. Utilising the most technologically advanced, fuel efficient Cummins® 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine to generate up to 370 hp (276 kW) gives the ultimate performance, reliability and productivity. The lean, clean engine is the best available to power the 4WD hydrostatic transmission from Danfoss.

Hardi Rubicon Serafin Ag Pro Riverina Stockist

Front mounted Pommier aluminium boom – 36.5m or 48.5m

Unrivalled visibility from a 3.4m high vantage point. Low noise level. Ride beyond expectation.

Cummins 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine to generate up to 370 HP. Ultimate performance, reliability and productivity.

Over-Ride airbag suspension provides superior ride & handling, better traction, better shock absorption, and reduces vibration.

3m to 4m hydraulic adjustable track width (independent front 7 rear) 

1.85m under chassis clearance. Everything is located to optimise the distribution of weight between the front & rear axles.

Hardi Rubicon Serafin Ag Pro Griffith NSW Dealer

A Commanding View

A better view of the boom from the cab not only contributes to comfort, but to the quality of the productivity. The operator has a commanding view over the boom from the driver’s seat which makes spraying easier and safer. The RUBICON cab is a special workplace and every detail counts: including the synchronised movement of the arm rest console to provide improved ergonomics, to unsurpassed visibility of the boom, clean air and responsible sound and vibration levels. With superior comfort and the best view in the business, RUBICON makes spraying enjoyable and efficient.
Hardi Rubicon Serafin Ag Pro Griffith NSW Dealer

Ultimate Engine

RUBICON is powered by Cummins - the most advanced engine technology to deliver power and reliability when you need it. Cummins engines run quieter, burn leaner and cleaner, and they are the industry leader in providing power to hydrostatic transmissions. The Cummins® 8.9L QSL 9 Tier 3A engine delivers up to 370 Hp (276 kW) and features fully Integrated Electronic Controls, providing seamless integration of all components to optimize engine performance.
Hardi Rubicon Serafin Ag Pro Riverina Stockist

Keeping You Parallel To The Horizon

RUBICON redefines boom stability: Revolutionary boom suspension system allows independent stiffness control settings on the springs and rams fixed to either side of the centre frame. The boom remains stable under the harshest operating conditions. The wide centre frame provides excellent on-road visibility. Spring tension holds the centre frame in the middle position while the hydraulic damper absorbs energy from the boom movement. A hydraulic actuator operated from the cab exerts more or less pressure on the spring to change the resistance.

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