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3000, 4000, 5000 & 6000L capacity with wide booms and DynamicFluid4 pressure based rate control deliver productivity and optimised application efficiency. The NAVIGATOR is designed to cope with the toughest broadacre and row crop spraying conditions.





A  WorkZone Perfected

Easy tank inspection. The lid is located in close proximity to the platform, giving excellent visibility of the sides and bottom of the tank. A traversable footstep is fixed at the drawbar to facilitate access to the platform. The platform is placed as low as possible for easy access. The right front cover provides access to major electronic components and connections. Fluid system service access is gained through the floor plate of the platform. Gauges for monitoring the condition of the suction filter and the pressure gauge are mounted over the platform. This provides excellent visibility from the tractor and good protection from the elements. Efficient agitation is made by multiple Venturi nozzles, positioned to reach every part in the tank. CleanWater tank provides 20 litres of water for personal hygiene.

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Keeping You Parallel With The Horizon

AutoHeight control option for B3 and FORCE on NAVIGATOR 5000 & 6000 provides stress-free boom height control as it delivers better application and reduces spray drift.AutoHeight improves application by keeping the boom at the right height off the ground or crop saving the operator from adjusting the boom height, tilt and slant on-the-go. AutoHeight takes the stress out of having to monitor the boom position in anticipation of frequent terrain changes. The touch screen controller allows the operator to set the boom height above the ground or the crop canopy.
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A powerful pre-emptive application rate control system that meets the demands of modern precision farming practices. High speed spraying with regular changes in forward speed, auto section control and variable rate application are challenges easily managed with DynamicFluid4. Combining 4 sensors in the fluid system, DynamicFluid4 sets new standards with precise immediate-response rate control. Flow, pressure, pump rpm and valve angle position parameters are monitored using advanced algorithms to deliver pre-emptive rate control.
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Capacity Chemical Filling

Chemical mixing and transfer is fast and easy with optional high capacity TurboFiller or VACnMIX hopper. The TurboDeflector in the TurboFiller creates a powerful liquid vortex to mix chemicals quickly and safely. VACnMIX utilises a vortex mixing action, and is equipped with a vacuum attachment for closed chemical transfer systems. Both systems have been developed to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Their high capacity is due to a combination of high vacuum suction and vortex action inside the hopper.



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