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Hardi Mercury

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For more than 50 years, Hardi has developed and manufactured mistblowers to most of the world. They have cooperated closely with agronomists and many other specialists in order to present a reliable and high performing sprayer to the farmer. The quality of the spray application is of the highest importance in order to ensure a vigorous crop giving high yield. 

Hardi Mercury Specifications

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Nozzle Options

Adaptable to any type of fruit culture and a range of nozzles and deflectors are available to suit your spraying tasks.


DUO DHT / DHV Deflectors

Lower tree canopies, greater tree densities demand the DUO deflector. Adjustable deflectors ensure spray is lost above the trees to be a drift risk nor wasted on the ground. In addition, air distribution is more uniform on impact with the tree canopy enhance pesticide deposits.

SF65 & SF85 - Axial Blowers

The SF Air Kits are provided with 13 air vanes in the air inlet. Together with the unique channel plate situated in the air outlet, these vanes generate an evenly distributed air stream to assure the best possible application. Both the SF65 and SF85 can be fitted with all the different available Deflectors

COVAMAX - Excellent penetration and coverage

Looking for a spraying solution that targets the vines, rather than the environment? The COVAMAX air kit offers the best coverage on the market with less off-target drift.

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