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One of the most awarded sprayers leads the way with capacity and performance. The second generation COMMANDER presents a number of unique features which increase efficiency and precision. Tank sizes 6500, 8500 & 10000 litres and boom widths 30m to 48.5m can be chosen. DynamicFluid4 sets new standards in precision and immediate response application rate control. TurboFiller delivers fast chemical mixing and transfer. VacnMix hopper option provides direct chemical suction and transfer. High capacity multi-point venturi agitation ensures effective uniform tank mixing. The HC 5500, HC 6500, HC 8500 & HC 9500 spray controllers offer the highest level of performance and application precision. The SafetyLocker left front side panel hinges up to reveal two compartments for safety equipment and parts.


Tank 6500 8500 10000
Pump 464 - 334l/min 464 - 334l/min 464 - 334l/min
Booms 30-42.5M 30-48.5M 30-48.5M
Track Width 2.2-3M 2.2-3M 2.3-3M
Tyre Standard 520/85R42 520/85R42 710/70R42
Suspension Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic



Increasing Efficincey, Precision & Productivity

An on-board computer using advanced
computations, processes input data including forward speed, target rate and active sections, 20 times every second. Based on the sensor’s known valve position, the DynamicFluid4 ceramic discs rotate to the exact point required to deliver the target rate.
Regulation speed is controlled using pulse width modulation. With the new DF4 system it will increase your productivity with a quicker start-up because you will always have a pressurized boom line. 

Hardi Commander Serafin Ag Pro Griffith NSW Dealer

All the primary functions used when filling, spraying and cleaning are built into two logically placed colour-coded smart valves, for simple operation

Lowering the TurboFiller into the operating position is made easy with a spring-loaded drop down bracket that automatically locks for transport. The TurboDeflector in the bottom of the TurboFiller creates a powerful liquid vortex to mix and transfer the chemicals. A rinse nozzle is used to clean out the

EasyClean high capacity suction filter has a very large surface area. A vacuum gauge monitors the condition of the EasyClean suction filter, and indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Ample storage space for personal safety clothing, hand cleaner and a few parts in the large SafetyLocker. A 17 litre hand wash tank provides ample water for personal hygiene.

The fluid system is driven by a robust grease lubricated 464, 334 l/m HARDI diaphragm pump, with high capacity valves, hoses and filters to handle large volumes with minimum pressure loss. It can run dry without damage. Hydramotor drive is optional.

The compact hydraulic axle suspension easily carrys the load with proven reliability and performace. It is ideally suited to different load ratings, providing
the sprayer with a low centre of gravity and enhanced boom stability.

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A powerful pre-emptive application rate control system that meets the demands of modern precision farming practices. High speed spraying with regular changes in forward speed, auto section control and variable rate application are challenges easily managed with DynamicFluid4. Combining 4 sensors in the fluid system, DynamicFluid4 sets new standards with precise immediate-response rate control. Flow, pressure, pump rpm and valve angle position parameters are monitored using advanced algorithms to deliver pre-emptive rate control.
Hardi Commander Serafin Ag Pro

464 diaphragm run-dry pump

To meet the requirements of bigger sprayers and to improve lifetime, we have introduced the HARDI 464 pump. A reduction in pressure drop has been avoided by improving the flow in the diaphragm tops. To easy service, we have integrated lifting hooks while moving two greasing points to the front, to easy lubrication of the front and the rear of the pump. The casted conrod support ring has also been redesigned for improved mechanical life time. The most visible change is the new covers designed to protect the pump from mud and water getting into the system.
Hardi Commander Serafin Ag Pro

Roll and height sensors

AutoTerrain option monitors the boom height 28 times per second and is only activated when the boom moves out of its ideal position. The roll sensor knows in advance that the booms position has changed. AutoTerrain simultaneously corrects the boom’s height and relationship to the ground contour by tilting the wings and angling the centre through the pendulum



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