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Fendt 800 Vario

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The new Fendt 800 Vario is the popular high-horsepower tractor that scores high in compactness, flexibility and performance. With up to 280 hp, they are not only powerful in the field, but also superior for transport work. It is also superior down to the last detail, with intelligent and efficiency enhancing technologies, such as the optional tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip, automated steering and much more.

Fendt 800 Vario Specifications

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Superior Innovations

The new Fendt 800 Vario offers convincing new innovations that bring efficiency and pulling power to a new level in the power range up to 280 HP. Profit from high-tech that pays off for you.

Fendt 800 Vario Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Griffith

More space. More visibility. More ergonomics.

Take your place in the big Fendt 800 cab, which offers a generous amount of space and provides exceptional visibility through the large glass areas – a true panoramic view. From the driver seat, you can control all working procedures with the Variotronic and always have everything in view.
Fendt 800 Vario Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Griffith

Multi-Function Joystick

4-way multi-function joystick with additional operating buttons for the 3rd and 4th auxiliary hydraulic control unit, cruise control and engine speed memory buttons as well as activation of the VariotronicTI headland management.
Fendt 800 Vario Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Griffith

Driving dynamics with safety and comfort

In relation to the standard setting, with VarioActive one only needs approx. 60% fewer turns of the steering wheel for the same wheel angle. With VarioActive, you profit through the faster reaction of the steering during tight turning manoeuvres at the headlands. For reasons of safety, it can only be used from 0 – 25 km/h.
Fendt 800 Vario Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Griffith

PTO Control Made Easy

The PTOs can be easily controlled via the multi-function armrest. External controls are also available at the rear. The PTO speeds (540E/1000 or 1000/1000E) at the rear enable work at a lower engine speed, which means lower fuel consumption. The front PTO (1000 rpm) permits operation with a broad range of implements at the front of the tractor.
Fendt 800 Vario Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Griffith

Working Outside

With the external valve controls, you can actuate the rear linkage, one valve and the PTO directly on the rear mudguard. Using the external controls for the rear PTO, a preset engine speed can targeted automatically. You save yourself unnecessary steps, for example, when operating an auger.
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Get Home Safely

The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off. The entry steps on the Fendt 800 Vario have practical lights. They are positioned on the tank so that the steps are perfectly illuminated and drivers can climb in and out safely.

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