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Challenger MT 800 E

Serafin Ag Pro Stockist Challenger

With the unmatched torque of our AGCO Power engine and an industry leading Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system, you’ll put maximum power to the ground efficiently. With updated hood styling and cab features, you’ll find that work is a lot more comfortable with an MT800E Challenger. 


Challenger MT 800 E Specifications

MT855E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 536 (394) 496 (365) 2360
MT865E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 592 (435) 548 (403) 2600
MT875E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 646 (475) 598 (440) 2840

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Everyone talks horsepower, but true power comes from torque. And our largest and most powerful track machine delivers torque that’s absolutely unrivaled. Under the hood of the MT800E is an AGCO Power™ engine that’s engineered solely for the demands of agricultural applications.

Challenger MT800E - Serafin Ag Pro AGCO Dealer

AGCO Power 16.8L (Non-AdBlue) Engine –
By generating a long flat torque curve over a wider range of RPM’s, you get unmatched lugging ability for maximum productivity – no need to downshift or pull the implement out of the ground when powering through tough conditions.

CAT Transmission –
The rugged and reliable CAT powershift transmission provides eight gears in the working range with a top transport speed of 40 KPH.

Hydraulic & Linkage – 
The closed-center, load-sensing, pressure-flow compensating system provides a standard flow of 321L/min(85GPM) through 5, 1/2″ couplers. 

With Rear CAT.4 Linkage and PTO option available for an all round farm workshorse.

Challenger MT800E - Serafin Ag Pro AGCO Dealer

Ease Of Use

An ergonomic and comfortable cab puts you in the front row of productivity. The simple to operate power management system ensures maximum efficiency. Our One-Touch system makes short work of managing headland functions.
Challenger MT800E - Serafin Ag Pro AGCO Stockist


Working hard never felt this good. The MT800E Series makes the longest days in the field fly by with exclusive oscillating midwheels, Marsh Mellow springs and an air suspension seat.
Challenger MT800E - Serafin Ag Pro AGCO Stockist


Our legendary system keeps you in constant contact with the ground for better traction and reduced slippage, more pulling ability and greater efficiency and a smoother ride overall.

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