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Agrimaster Cotton Special

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Italian designed and manufactured, the Agrimaster Cotton Special is a heavy duty machine, suited to large farms and contractors. With a 324mm diameter rotor, producing high blade tip speeds, the 6m and 8m models are capable of efficiently mulching cotton and rice stubble.

Agrimaster Cotton Special Specifications

6000 Cotton 6 m 350 HP for 1000rpm PTO 324mm (1714 rpm) Minimum 200 4600 kg
8000 Cotton 8 m 350 HP for 1000rpm PTO 324mm (1714 rpm) Minimum 250 5600 kg

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Agrimaster Cotton Special Highlights:

Agrimaster Cotton Mulcher Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

350HP Bondioli 2200 series gearbox (1000rpm) with over-run clutch

 6 belts per side with large diameter pulleys and idler adjuster for max drive

Large 324 mm rotor with double row roller bearings for long life

4 x Trailing adjustable width wheels but not castoring , adjustable height

Cat 3 -4 suspension hitch for smoother ride in field and wheel protection

Easy access full covers to enable easy cross shaft servicing

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