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Silvan Fire Fighting Floor Stock Clearance Sale!

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with selected 400L ,600L & 1100L Fire Fighting units

Valued at $199

400L Selecta Power Fire Fighting Unit

Was $2,699 inc GST

$2,000 + GST

  • 6.5HP Selecta Power Engine
  • 100psi max pressure or 250L/min
  • 30m of ¾” hose, reel & adjustable fire fighter nozzle.

400L Honda/Davey Fire Fighting Unit

Was $3,569 inc GST

$2,900 + GST

  • 5.5 HP Honda GX160 with Davey fire fighting pump, max 80psi or 425L/min open flow)
  • Hose reel, fitted with 30m ¾” I.D. hose adjustable nozzle

600L Silvan Honda Davey Fire Fighting Unit

Was $4,369 inc GST

$3,499 + GST

  • 4 Stroke 5.5hp GX160 Honda engine, direct coupled Impellor Davey pump
  • Galvanised skid frame with easy lift handles, ideal for tie down points
  • Supplied with factory fitted Dam filling kit

1100L Honda Davey Sled Unit

Was $4,629 inc GST

$3,799 + GST

  • Honda 4 Stroke 5.5HP GX160 engine, direct coupled to Davey Pump
  • Max 425L/min open flow or max 80psi pressure
  • Heavy duty hosereel, 30m x ¾” hose and adjustable nozzle

Selecta Power 6.5HP Fire Fighting Pump

Was $699 inc GST

$499 + GST

  • 4 stroke over head cam engine with oil alert
  • Max. 250 L/min open flow, Max. 100psi pressure
  • Direct coupled centrifugal, twin impeller pump
  • Maximum suction lift 3.5m

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