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Massey Ferguson 2250 Baler

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The MF 2200 Series inherits the superior design of it’s predecessor, the MF 2100 Series and includes additional features to further enhance performance. These square balers make dense, well-formed bales, and are renowned for their reliability, longevity and low cost of ownership

Massey Ferguson 2250 Baler Specifications

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Innovative Features

The MF 2200 Series of four large square balers introduces a host of innovative features designed to provide farmers with improvements in capacity, bale density and operating efficiency, together with real savings in time and costs. These machines built on the foundation of the MF 2100 Series introduce a number of new features and countless benefits in this highly competitive sector of the market.

Complete Control

The high quality, easy-to-read colour screen couldn’t be clearer, whatever time of the day or night, and the baler itself is fully ISO-compliant so it can be used on any tractor with an ISO VT terminal.

Pre Compression System

Massive capacity, industry leading bale density and superb shape all stem from the award winning pre-compression chamber design. Only when the chamber is perfectly full will the trip door activate and the stuffer fork powers the fully formed flake into the bale chamber.

Bale Formation

Driven by an enormous gearbox with massive strength, the plunger is connected via two heavy duty connecting rods. Contained in these are load cells that measure the load on the plunger face. Information from the load cells is used to control the automatic density control system and also provides the operator with driving arrow guides if uneven swaths are encountered.

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