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Lely Tulip Multidisc Standard

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The Lely Tulip Multidisc standard series feature 510mm diameter discs, and an 800mm clearance between the two disc gangs for good trash flow of stubble. Each disc has heavy bearings with over dimensioned wheel hubs and torsion bar suspension with round rubbers for maximum independent freedom of movement of each leg assembly. Depth control is by means of the open cage roller or optional 500mm diameter packer roller. The floating system of the Multidisc allows each disc assembly to break out upwards independently from the roller, which helps eliminate risks in stony soil as the roller continues to follow the contour of the ground.

Lely Tulip Multidisc Standard Specifications

Multidisc 200 1.7 m 2.0 m 14 50 - 100 875 kg with cage roller
Multidisc 250 2.2 m 2.5 m 18 60 - 120 975 kg with cage roller
Multidisc 300 2.7 m 3.0 m 22 70 - 150 1140 kg with cage roller
Multidisc 350 3.2 m 3.5 m 26 80 - 170 1290 kg with cage roller
Multidisc 400 3.7 m 4.0 m 30 100 - 190 1565 kg with cage roller

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Lely Tulip Multidisc Standard – Features:

Lely Tulip Multidisc 250 Speed Tiller Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

2 Rows of 510mm diameter  hardened steel scalloped discs.

Disc gang spacing of 800mm.

Heavy bearings with over dimensioned wheel hubs – easy maintenance.

Torsion bar suspension by means of round rubbers for maximum freedom of movement of every disc separately.

Stable, powder coated frame with robust headstock.

Cat. II linkage on Multidisc 200

Cat. II & III linkage from Multidisc 250 onwards.

440mm diameter open cage roller as standard.

Optional 500mm diameter packer roller available.

Lely multi 250 soil deflector plate


An optional side plate, on the right side, which keeps the soil stream inside the working width
Lely multi 250 soil diflector disc


An optional set of 2 adjustable side discs fitted to the right hand side.
The first disc keeps the soil inside the working width. The second disc guides the soil to fill the furrow.
lely multi disc weight


An optional weight box to increase the overall weight of the machine.

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