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Gregoire G9.330

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The G9.330 is a versatile harvester equipped with a DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine producing 167hp and integrating the AUTOdrive, AUTOspeed and ECOdrive smart management devices to give you an exceptional reduction in consumption. Regardless of the working conditions, fully automated power and transmission (anti-slipping, right-left flow) ensure excellent manoeuvring capabilities and great handling. Whatever the work to be performed – harvesting, pruning – the G9.330 is sure to meet your needs.

Gregoire G9.330 Specifications

6 Cylinder, 6L Deutz 167 AUTOspeed, AUTOdrive, 4WD Top & Bottom standard, Vertical cane extractors 2 with 24 Catcher trays Front: 380/85 R 24, Rear: 480/70 R 28

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Gregoire G9.330 Highlights:

Gregoire G9 Grape Harvester Stockist Serafin Ag Pro Griffith

Height of 1.95m underneath the chassis for vines and 2.20m for olives

Deutz 6 cylinder engine. Delivers 167 hp at 2100 rpm

Four-wheel drive, 380/85 R24 front tyres, 480/70 R28 rear tyres. Tilt correction 600mm (vine), AUTO Level.

VISIOcenter driver cab
Air conditioned cab
Air sprung seat
VIEWmaster colour terminal
MULTIDrive joystick

2 lower fans available as an option
2 vertical extractors
2 upper fans available as an option

Removable harvesting assembly
Front tool carrier available as an option


VISIOcenter Driver Cab

The VISIOcenter driver cab offers every feature in terms of comfort (air conditioning, air sprung seat, etc.). Alignment with the row is optimised and 360° vision gives you total control over the surrounding environment. Simple and intuitive to drive, thanks to the large VIEWmaster touch screen, the exclusive MULTIdrive multifunction joystick and the CONTROLmaster lateral control console. You can check all of the machine parameters at a glance, allowing you to concentrate on the harvest.
G9 clean

Maximum cleaning, minimal losses

Cleaning and wood extraction is performed right after grapes are picked, limiting juice losses and blockage risks
•Standard top fans: maximum cleaning efficiency even at high speed
•All settings available from drivers cab: all functions and speed of cleaning fans are operated from the driver cab
G9 belts

Conveyor System

•Supple belt drive: A self-tensioning drive on each belt ensures a positive torque relative to yields and load to protect the belt life
•Simple belt routing: the simplicity of the main belt direction of travel reduces risks of blockages and gentler handling of the fruit
•Exclusive Original GREGOIRE belts: a superior quality that will handle the crops and conditions which equals better performance

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