Rodney Guest has been running Gleaner for 35 years. He picked Gleaner because of it's simplicity, ease of operation, ease of sample and the great reliability of the machine and maintenance. Grain loss in the Gleaner is second to none.  "I always get complemented on the grain when I deliver it". The seven cylinder sisu engine which is under here somewhere is a great engine – I truly love it. I purchased my S78 from Serafin AgPro.  I highly recommend Serafin AgPro. They have been just great.



  • This machine can get into the pasture when we want it without disturbing the soil and moisture too much; it also results in less dust in the hay bales at bailing time. I am totally impressed with how the seeds have come up in our loamy soil, the service, staff and delivery were second to none and I can’t find a fault with the machine at all and we have cut our seed rates due to its excellent germination. This machine speaks for itself and is worth its weight in gold.

  • I wanted a machine that could sow pasture and cropping, this machine can do that and it gets through all the trash and stubble really well. It can handle sowing without having to plough up the paddocks. The ground contouring on this machine in second to none, and has given us big savings in fuel costs. I have had no issues with this machine at all.

  • We wanted a machine that was going to be able to handle larger stubble residues, and the stubble that we worked through we found that the Ultisow did a really good job.
    We were nervous about sowing Canola through these stubbles but we found that the Ultisow sliced through the stubble with ease and the placement of the seed underneath the stubble was ideal, the Canola is now growing with a nice mulch around the base of the stem.

  • Welcome to the NEW Serafin Ag Pro - We are proud to announce Serafin's are now your local Agco Dealer, stocking great brands Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Iseki, Challenger and Gleaner.

  • We can see that the Serafin Ultisow machine will enhance our soil health in our No Till cropping operation.

  • We originally owned a TDNG 420 but upgraded to the larger 520 machine this year. This machine easily sows into Lucerne stands and we can ever over sow without disturbing existing plants, and is heavy enough the get into tight ground. The folding system is very good and gateways are no longer an issue. There is no comparison to this machine, it does an excellent job and our crop is coming up a lot quicker and it is so even

  • We were after a disc machine to plant canola into wet ground and also direct drill into hard ground with corn stubble, sorghum stubble, canola stubble and sunflower stubble. The double disc machine we have here seems to handle it all well, we dont have any troubles in either wet or dry.