• Adrian Fitzsimmons from Shepparton is the satisfied owner of a Semeato TDNG300E and says "this machine allows me to oversew crops and has proven to be water and time efficient. The fact the individual wheels float independently makes it great for undulated ground....it is brilliant for hard ground and stubble".

  • Alister Lyne from Gunnedah purchased the ASBG trailing seeder bar after he saw the results of a Serafin Linkage double disc seeder, owned by another nearby farmer. Alister said that he previously used a Tyne seeder but it could not follow the changing ground conditions on his farm. It has amazing ground following ability and places seed and fertiliser perfectly. Alister has said that he likes the robust design frame which folds down to a narrow transport width. Wet or dry this double disc just kept going and it could also handle heavy stubble in wet conditions.

  • In South Australia, Andy Murdoch has traded a 12 month old Vaderstad machine which worked OK until he had clients with rocky soil. This led him to purchase a Semeato 420. His customers are over the moon with the results and he is inundated with work - he now has to consider and even larger machine to keep up!

  • I am impressed with the ease of operation including calibrating seeds and fertiliser rates, the large capacity of storage, good seed placement and the overall performance of the machine.

  • Congratulations to Richie and Sarah Lees, nominee CANFA Farmer of the Year.
    Well Done from all at Serafin Machinery

  • Dale Standen from Rankins Springs taking delivery of his new Challenger with Justin James of Serafin Ag Pro

  • We brought this machine for moisture conservation and stubble retention, it was manufactured locally and we liked its concept and how it folds up making it easier for travel.
    We have halved our fuel consumption and so far the germination with minimal moisture has been good. We've also been able to sow into relatively wet paddocks without any hassles.

  • The main reason we brought Baldan SD3000 seeder was the time factor, in that we save time in seeding. We dont have to prepare the ground as much or at all, we can direct drill straight in. The way it drills the seed into the ground the covers it is a big advantage over the way we use to do it.

  • I am very happy with the germination this machine has produced, there is no pre-tillage. The press wheel ensures that the seed gets covered with soil so that birds cannot get the seed, and the contour following ability provide an even depth and great germination. We can sow a rocky paddock and leave them under ground rather than rip them up.

  • Jeff Savage from Barellan NSW, purchased a 50ft Serafin Ultisow in 2011, after using a Gason bar.
    "We were using Gason bar but we knew it wouldn’t get through the heavy stubble loads after a good harvest in 2010, and were trying to leave all our stubble where we can. We found the Serafin Ultisow machine operated very well through heavy stubble, the stubble load wasn’t a problem and we were very happy with the result we got"
    "Seed placement was very good, very happy with our germination through all of our crops. It was very simple to set up and adjust. Some of the other units you see on the market are a lot more complicated, I like something that’s easy to set up and once its set up you can just go."
    These machines have an excellent trash handling ability, allowing farmers to sow into existing pasture with out disturbance to the existing seed, crop or soil and retaining moisture and soil structure.