Jeff Savage - Ultisow S50

Jeff Savage from Barellan NSW, purchased a 50ft Serafin Ultisow in 2011, after using a Gason bar.
"We were using Gason bar but we knew it wouldn’t get through the heavy stubble loads after a good harvest in 2010, and were trying to leave all our stubble where we can. We found the Serafin Ultisow machine operated very well through heavy stubble, the stubble load wasn’t a problem and we were very happy with the result we got"
"Seed placement was very good, very happy with our germination through all of our crops. It was very simple to set up and adjust. Some of the other units you see on the market are a lot more complicated, I like something that’s easy to set up and once its set up you can just go."
These machines have an excellent trash handling ability, allowing farmers to sow into existing pasture with out disturbance to the existing seed, crop or soil and retaining moisture and soil structure.